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10 Fun Things to Do with Seniors

10 Fun Things to Do with Seniors

If you think senior years are boring, you might’ve skipped doing these fun and exciting activities:

  • Eat out.
    Tired of eating at home? Enjoy a refreshing way of eating your salad or dessert by going to your favorite pub. Share this meal with your favorite senior and relish on the delicacy that’s in front of you. (Hint: If your senior has a favorite spot downtown, take them there as a surprise.)
  • Check for senior day activities.
    Watch out for surprising events and activities on National Senior Citizen’s Day (Aug. 21) or check day care facilities if they have senior fairs. You may not want to miss out on these exciting events for older adults on their special day!
  • Visit a pet store.
    Pets are cute, anti-stress furballs. Those waggling tails and little paws can eventually melt your heart and make you feel happy! If you don’t have a pet at home, get your endorphins up and about by visiting (and petting) furbabies in a pet store. Pet-loving seniors would get the thrill of this activity!
  • Watch a movie or play.
    Check your local entertainment hub – Are there any good shows you and your senior can enjoy? Are there upcoming concerts around your area? Do your research, book ahead, and secure your tickets.
  • Book a spa session.
    Nothing beats spa time! Give your seniors a chance to recover from their sore or fatigued muscles while indulging in the relaxing sensation of a massage therapy. Aside from curing stress, it has several benefits to your health too.
  • Play bingo.
    Many adults, especially older adults, engage in bingo games. With so much freedom in their retirement years, they’d look forward to spending their time at a local bingo game center. It’s a nice social outing routine you and your senior must consider.
  • Have a movie night.
    Seeing your favorite movie on the big screen is an experience that will never get old. The dark theater, comfortable seats, and popcorn fingers make the activity worthwhile. Check the latest movie releases and buy a ticket for you, your senior, and other loved ones.
  • Go for a road trip.
    Is your senior getting bored of staying at home? For the adventurous at heart, you can take your seniors out for a road trip. Pack some health grubs, get in the car, and drive the miles. Your seniors will appreciate the beautiful scenery along the roadside.
  • Do gardening.
    But if your seniors feel woozy about traveling, you can get a new scenery by making the most of the landscape in your backyard. Gain a green thumb by starting small with herbs.
  • Get on social media.
    It’s time to reconnect with old friends! Introduce your senior to the online world and help them tap into their social circle, share similar interests, or get access to their favorite celebrities or sports team. We’re thinking of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest – How about you?

What’s your favorite activity on the list? Or, how do you spice up your senior’s golden years? We’d love to know! Please feel free to share us your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

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