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4 Caring Tips for Seniors with Disabilities

4 Caring Tips for Seniors with Disabilities

A sad reality is not all seniors are fortunate enough to have someone in their family who can provide the optimum care and assistance they need. Generally, families with a disabled senior parent seek the services of home care agencies like us at ExPO Signature Home Care, a leading In-Home Care in New Jersey, in order to fulfill their parent’s needs.

Caring for a senior with disabilities is challenging. To keep up with his needs, one must do or consider these things:

  • Personal care – this may include bathing, dressing, and any other personal-related activities. Most times, disabled seniors tend to not care about their personal hygiene. This may be because they’re too old to dress and clean themselves, or they lack the ability to do so. With a caregiver, all the personal care needs of a senior will surely be satisfied.
  • Meal preparation – meals are very important in a person’s life as we, people, get our strength and energy from foods. Seniors without or with disabilities need to eat well every day in order to cope up with their self needs and to give them strength. Usually, disabled seniors lack the ability to prepare their own healthy foods and can even forget to eat their meals at times. To ensure your disabled senior parent is eating well every day, you can hire the services of a professional caregiver from us at ExPO Signature Home Care.
  • Housekeeping – seniors, especially disabled ones, cannot do the housekeeping alone since they lack energy and abilities. Housekeeping is definitely an important thing to do especially if your senior parent lives alone. If the house is not cleaned regularly, accidents could actually happen such as tripping, falling and even catching sickness from viruses. Hence, housekeeping should never be overlooked.
  • Home care assistance – with us at ExPO Signature Home Care, a reliable In-Home Care in New Jersey, home care assistance covers home errands and transportation such as grocery shopping, transportation to any necessary places, tracking bill payments, and more. Seniors oftentimes forget to pay bills and when it comes to shopping for home and food supplies, disabled seniors particularly need help as they cannot do this alone. With our professional caregivers, we ensure your senior parent will be safe and updated all the time.

If you are in immediate need of a reputable and reliable In-Home Care in New Jersey, you can choose us at ExPO Signature Home Care. Why? Because we offer the optimum quality home care services at affordable rates. The comfort and independence of our clients and patients are our topmost priority. To start your exceptional home care service, call us today at (732) 851-4127.

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