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5 Management Tips on Taking More than One Medications

5 Management Tips on Taking More than One Medications

Taking one medication is simple. But sometimes, people even tend to miss a dosage. How much more if you’re taking more than one medication? Taking several medications daily can be confusing, especially if you are a senior as aging can lead to being forgetful.
To provide you some medication management tips, we at ExPO Signature Home Care, a reliable provider of In-Home Care in New Jersey, have listed them below:

  • Follow schedule and dosage, then organize. Taking medications should never be compromised as it deals with your health. If medication schedule and dosage are not satisfyingly followed, it can either make your health worse or remain the same. To stay on schedule and proper dosage, organize your medications with proper labels and instructions.
  • Read labels and instructions. Since you already organized your medications accurately, read the labels and instructions carefully before taking it. This is to ensure you commit NO errors and avoid issues about it.
  • Set an alarm. So you can be sure that you never miss any medication or dosage, you can conveniently set an alarm for each of your medications. This can help notify you and avoid missing dosages.
  • Inform physicians about medications and supplements. It is important to let your physicians know about your current or past medications and supplements as this might somehow affect his prescriptions. This can also prevent possible medication complications. So, always be honest to your physicians.
  • Always keep medication list. To make sure that you can truly take your medications on time, keep a detailed list with you at all times. Your list may contain the schedule (day and time), dosage, instructions, and other notes from your physicians.

If you somehow find it hard to stay in the right track and be organized about your medications, better seek immediate help than compromise your health. As an In-Home Care in New Jersey, ExPO Signature Home Care offers medication reminder services for our clients. Because we care for your well-being and general health, it is our primary duty to keep you updated and follow the right track on your medications so you can achieve a better health and fully recover from your health concern.

For your needs regarding In-Home Care in New Jersey, choose us, at ExPO Signature Home Care, to experience only the finest home care services from our licensed and compassionate staff. Give us a call anytime you please at 732-851-4127.

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