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Benefits of Art and Art Therapy for Seniors

Creating art is one of the oldest hobbies known to mankind, but can art really be therapeutic, too? Art therapy is a branch of the mental health industry that uses a person’s creativity as a tool for expression and healing, via art. Elderly people can benefit from participating in art therapy sessions, and more and … Continue reading

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What Issues Could Cause Memory Loss for Your Aging Adult?

While your elderly family member might jump straight to some scary ailments when she first starts experiencing memory troubles, it’s entirely possible that the cause is something completely different. Some of these issues are completely fixable if you can figure out what is ailing your senior and put a solution in place. Vitamin Deficiencies. One … Continue reading

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What Can You Do if Your Aging Family Member Doesn’t Believe You that She Can’t Drive Anymore?

Your elderly family member might find herself unable to drive for a variety of different medical reasons. She may have recently been diagnosed with dementia or another chronic health problem that renders driving unsafe for her. But if she doesn’t believe you that she can no longer drive, what can you do? Ask Her Doctor … Continue reading

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Having Difficult Conversations with a Senior with Cancer

Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult is not easy, and there are times when it will become even more challenging, such as when they are dealing with a serious medical condition like cancer. During these times you will need to make difficult decisions, help them through stressful and challenging situations, and ensure that … Continue reading

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ExPO Signature Training Institute A NJ Board of Nursing Approved Training Facility

ExPAND YOUR HORIZONS BY BECOMING A NEW JERSEY CERTIFIED HOME HEALTH AIDE Are you a caring and compassionate individual, looking for a meaningful and rewarding career? With the growth of the aging population, Home Health Care is projected to be one of the most rapidly growing and in demand career choices, with a favorable future … Continue reading

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New Service Offering: Medication Management

ExPO Signature Home Care is offering a new service, Medication Management, which is available to both existing customers and non-customers.  This service consists of an RN coming to your home to review all prescriptions prescribed to you by all of your health professionals, then contacting your primary physician to discuss the complete list of medications, … Continue reading

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ExPO Signature Home Care Employee of the Month August 2017 – Ligaya “Joy” Suayan

Ligaya “Joy” Suayan, Employee of the Month for August 2017, has been with ExPO Signature Home Care for more than three years and started working with her current client earlier this year. In her time with ExPO, Joy has consistently proven herself to be cooperative, respectful, and punctual; not to mention fiercely dedicated to attending … Continue reading

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Fall Activities for the Elderly

Elderly In Home Health Care  The changing of the seasons gives our lives a compass by which to order ourselves. As we approach the beginning of autumn, we thought it would be a good idea to give some ideas for activities to do in the fall for the elderly. These ideas are particularly good for … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Keep Seniors Safe Online

Online scams are designed to trick people into providing personal and financial information to what they believe are legitimate businesses and stores. Instead, the scammers take the information and use it for criminal purposes, such as stealing identities and money. Seniors are among the most likely to fall prey to scammers because they aren’t as … Continue reading

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Incontinence and your Elderly Parent

Incontinence is a common occurrence with the elderly. Your parent may even be currently suffering from it, but they may also be embarrassed to express their concerns. It is, however, a condition that may be caused by several diseases or medications that can be resolved. Even if the incontinence is not curable, there are several … Continue reading

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