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How to Avoid Accidents at Home for Seniors

How to Avoid Accidents at Home for Seniors

Seniors are just like children. They need adequate care and attention. Hence, leaving them alone at home or in any other place is never a great idea. If you have a senior at home, but you’re too busy to provide enough care and attention he needs, it will be best to seek the services of home care. At ExPO Signature Home Care, a reputable In-Home Care in New Jersey, can happily help on taking care of your senior parent.

For safety purposes, take note of these tricks:

  • Fire Emergency Prevention

    Fire can happen anytime of the day and it basically spreads fast. It can possibly damage your property and even risk the lives of your love ones. If you have a senior at home, it would be best to take note of the following in order to prevent fire outbreaks:

    • Keep away lighters, matches, candles, and anything produce fire.
    • Don’t let your senior parent smoke. It’s best to keep cigarettes away as smoking is also bad for the health.
    • Heat and fire producing equipment should be put away from flammable objects.
    • Install fire alarms.
  • Fall Prevention

    Seniors can easily trip and fall due to their depleted energy and capabilities. When they fall, they can experience further health issues, making them weaker and may even risk their life. At ExPO Signature Home Care, a reliable In-Home Care in New Jersey, we have professional caregivers to ensure safety of seniors at home. In the absence of a caregiver, follow these to avoid falling:

    • Properly clean floors, stairs, and any surfaces, and ensure it is dry.
    • Install proper lighting to allow seniors see the way clearly.
    • Keep away any obstructions on the floor.
    • Put rubber mats or non-slippery mats in bathrooms.
  • Overdose and Poisoning Prevention

    Seniors easily forget and are sometimes careless. Overdose can happen anytime when a senior consumes a drug more than the prescribed dosage. Seniors can as well be poisoned easily through consuming chemical-based products like household cleaners. Do these for prevention:

    • Lock away chemical-based products.
    • Label drugs properly and clearly, including proper dosage. If possible, keep away after the senior has already received his daily dosage.

To ensure your senior parent receives exceptional care, attention, and safety, consider hiring highly proficient caregivers from us at ExPO Signature Home Care. As one of the top In-Home Care in New Jersey, we always prioritize the health and wellness of all seniors and our clients. To experience exceptional care, call us today at (732) 851-4127 or visit

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