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Basic Food Handling Techniques at Home

Basic Food Handling Techniques at Home

As soon as you get home while carrying a bag of your grocery items, do you usually dump them off the floor? Do you just place them on a dirty table? If you do any of these, then you should start to make a change. Handling food properly is one of the simplest ways to be free from various contagious diseases brought by germs on contaminated food.

Knowing the right ways in handling the food safely can also free you from food-borne illnesses. Here are some food handling techniques you can apply at home:

  • Cleaning
    Always make sure to wash your hands and the surface of your tables as often as possible. Cleaning is generally the safest way of handling your food.
  • Separating
    Separating your perishables from non-perishables prevents your food from being cross-contaminated. Separating your food items also helps prevent the perishables from rotting immediately due to moisture and contamination.
  • Cooking
    Undercooked food may cause food-borne illnesses caused by microbes. Meanwhile, overcooked food may also decrease the nutritional value. Thus, it’s important to always cook your food at the right temperature and with the right amount of time.

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