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Bed Sores: The Causes, Symptoms, and Stages

Bed Sores: The Causes, Symptoms, and Stages

Due to certain health conditions, many individuals end up bedridden or with limited mobility. If you are taking care of a loved one with limited mobility, watch out for pressure ulcers.

ExPO Signature Home Care, a home care provider in Manalapan, New Jersey tells you what you need to know about bed sores.


Pressure ulcers are caused by pressure on the soft tissues of the body, completely or partially obstructing blood flow. Individuals who are bedridden or using a wheelchair are the most susceptible to bed sores. Other factors can increase the risk of bed sores such as nutrition and skin tolerance. A capable caregiver from a provider of in home care in New Jersey can help prevent or manage bedsores.


These are the symptoms of bed sores:

  • An unusual change to the skin color or its texture
  • Swelling in the affected area
  • Presence and draining of pus
  • The affected area feeling cooler or warmer
  • Unusual tenderness

Once you notice the symptoms, it is important to get diagnosed right away to learn what stage the bed sore is in and what treatment can be done. Getting help from a health care service in New Jersey can help in your recovery.

Stages of Development

Pressure ulcers go through four stages of development:

  • Stage 1

    At this stage, the sore is not open. Although the affected skin may feel painful, there are no breaks or tears. The affected area will appear reddened.

  • Stage 2

    During this stage, the affected skin breaks open, causing an ulcer. The sore then expands deeper into the layers of the skin.

  • Stage 3

    The sore gets worse and progresses deeper into the tissue, creating a small crater in the affected area. Fat may show in the sore at this stage.

  • Stage 4

    The sore becomes very deep, reaching bone and muscle. Due to the extensive damage, the joints and tendons can become affected.

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