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Caregiver Stories: What to Do with an Elderly Who Is Outraging?

Caregiver Stories: What to Do with an Elderly Who Is Outraging?

As a caregiver, there will come a point in your career when you will encounter a grumpy elderly patient. With it, you will get to experience and truly understand how challenging it is to pacify such patient. Given that, we provided a few simple tips, especially for rookie caregivers who are currently struggling to manage their patients’ crankiness:

  • Hear them out.

    The most important pill to cure one’s anxiety or anger is to listen. That is why try to be attentive to your patients’ concerns and sentiments. Lend your ears to whatever they say and share to you. Do not interrupt them. This way you will know how to cope up with their attitude.

  • Explain to them your tasks.

    Most patients get angry when they do not know what a caregiver is doing to them. Because of that, make sure to explain to your patients what you are about to do and what the purpose of your task is. Do not just appear in front of them and directly execute your task, instead introduce your name and your duty so as not to surprise them.

  • Show them how to relax.

    Do not just tell them to relax. Rather, provide them with relaxation techniques for them to calm down. Common relaxation techniques include deep breathing, intently listening to soothing music, among others.
    Be more patient. As professional caregivers, it is your primary duty to understand your patients. Hence, do not use foul words nor coercive action to pacify them.

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