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Raising Awareness: Heart Disease

With February being American Heart Month, let’s talk about heart disease. Heart disease refers to the range of conditions that can affect the heart. There are many kinds of heart conditions that fall under the heart disease umbrella. Today, we at ExPO Signature Home Care, a Home Care Provider in Manalapan, New Jersey will take … Continue reading

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12 Life Hacks for Your Golden Years

Whether you’ve reached your golden years or not, read on to these pieces of advice that’ll remind you to live life to its fullest: Stay healthy. Aging makes it easier to get sick and even harder to stay healthy. Keep an eye on your overall health and visit your physicians regularly. Eat a healthy diet, … Continue reading

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Reducing Stress in Your Golden Years

If you are looking for ways to reduce the stress you are feeling in your golden years, there are a number of aspects you will want to consider. It is not a difficult thing to live a more stress-free life, but you will need to make some lifestyle changes. ExPO Signature Home Care is an … Continue reading

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How To Be More Compassionate When Taking Care Of Your Loved One

Compassion in how you deliver care services is what sets you apart from the rest. You will leave a lasting impression on clients who are entrusted to you if you add tender loving care to the way you provide caregiving services. The caring attitude that you show to them is what will define your fitness … Continue reading

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Making the Most of Your Singlehood as a Senior

Contrary to the belief of many, that if you are going to reach old age without finding your soul mate, you will live a difficult, and to some extent, a miserable life. However, there are so many men and women who are content with their single blessedness and still remain productive and happy with the … Continue reading

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Tired of Doing Your Errands?

Running errands when we were younger was no problem at all. Many of us actually enjoyed it because it gave us a chance to get out of the house and do something. However, at an advanced age, it can not only become a hassle to run errands but it can be exhausting as well. Luckily, … Continue reading

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What are Some Great Hobbies to do as a Senior Citizen?

Life can get pretty dull as a senior citizen. You no longer have work to do and you no longer have to worry about any other responsibilities. You are retired and you can finally relax, but the problem with this is the fact that life just does not feel fulfilling anymore. There is nothing that … Continue reading

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How can In-Home Care Services Help You?

When you are feeling like life is getting just a bit too tough for you to handle alone at home, then an In-Home Care in New Jersey can really make life easier for you. There are a number of services that ExPO Signature Home Care can provide to you. We provide personalized services with the … Continue reading

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How In-Home Care Can Help with Stroke Recovery

Did you know that May is Stroke Awareness Month? To honor those who survived a stroke, we wish to inform families on how to help their loved one achieve faster recovery. Stroke recovery can be difficult for those who survive because they need to relearn how to care for themselves, change the way they communicate … Continue reading

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