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Elderly Care: Tips for Assisting Elders When Walking

Elderly Care: Tips for Assisting Elders When Walking

As we grow older, we experience decrease in mobility which can greatly affect our day-to-day living. One of the common examples of decrease in mobility issues is difficulty in walking. Because of such difficulty in walking, older individuals such as seniors cannot properly function and do their tasks including light housekeeping, bathing, dressing, cooking, and more. That is why if you have a loved one who is currently struggling with the same condition, make sure to have enough patience and understanding. The following are a few handy tips to help you become more efficient when assisting seniors:

  • Give seniors the proper self-help devices or aids.

    Self-help devices or aids like canes are specially designed devices for individuals with physical disabilities. It serves as an effective tool to assist elderly individuals who experience difficulty in walking.

  • Assist them wherever they wish to go.

    Do not just leave them all by themselves, instead always stay by their side. Always assist them.

  • Remind them to take their time.

    Tell them that this is not a race. Given that, remind them to walk the right pace. Do not run or hastily walk because it will only injure them.

  • Encourage them to wear comfortable shoes.

    Having uncomfortable shoes can only worsen their mobility problems, which is why try to encourage them to use a comfortable shoe wear whenever they travel.

  • Be optimistic.

    Whenever you guide your loved ones, try to be positive. Be kind to them. Utter words of encouragement to uplift their soul despite the problem they are currently facing.

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