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Exercises for Seniors Living with Osteoporosis

Exercises for Seniors Living with Osteoporosis

Normally, a person’s bones are constantly undergoing the process of breaking down and being replaced. When you’re younger, you won’t usually encounter problems with this as the process of bone creation is usually faster than the process of bone disintegration. However, as you age, there are times where the new bone is not able to keep up with the ongoing bone loss. This is when osteoporosis takes place. 

Being the best home care in Manalapan, New Jersey, we at ExPO Signature Home Care have experienced taking care of many elderly individuals with osteoporosis. Take it from us, seniors with osteoporosis require special treatment to make sure their condition does not progress. One such way to reduce the effects of osteoporosis is by constant exercise. 

Exercising with osteoporosis, however, should be done with care because if not, a senior may wind up injuring themselves. Here is a list of things to consider before exercising with osteoporosis:

  • Take a bone density measurement test.

    Through this test, you can estimate the density of your bone or the chance of your bone breaking. It is important to take this test before getting into an exercise routine so that you will know what exercises your bone and body can take. Also, it is important to take a bone density measurement test regularly to monitor the progress of your osteoporosis.

  • Complete a fitness assessment.

    A fitness assessment is a group of tests that are meant to help your trainer measure your physical fitness levels. With the results from this assessment, a trainer can identify your strengths and weaknesses and assess these in relation to your goal.

These results, along with the advice of your provider of health care service in New Jersey, will determine the exercise plan that can best manage your osteoporosis. They will create the right fitness plan to improve your condition and prevent you from getting injuries. 

If you are in need of a home care provider in New Jersey to assist you in your exercise, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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