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Myth vs. Facts about Aging

Aging is something scary but one we must all face eventually. Ladies do not want all those physical changes like the white hair and wrinkles while our gents prefer to retain their masculinity throughout time. But we all know nothing is permanent here in this world and even Helen of Troy will become wrinkly with … Continue reading

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What are the Usual Changes in Mental Health and Processes in Older Adults?

Cognitive changes are those that encompass mental processes. Such of which is memory, sensation and perception, thought, language, intelligence and problem solving. As one ages, there is a possibility that deterioration among these mental processes will occur. Because of this fact, you may wonder as to what else will happen if you yourself experience these … Continue reading

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5 Management Tips on Taking More than One Medications

Taking one medication is simple. But sometimes, people even tend to miss a dosage. How much more if you’re taking more than one medication? Taking several medications daily can be confusing, especially if you are a senior as aging can lead to being forgetful. To provide you some medication management tips, we at ExPO Signature … Continue reading

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Healthy Diet and Lifestyle: How does it affect us?

Having a healthy diet and lifestyle entitles us not just positive body, but also a positive outlook in life. If you truly aim to live a healthy life, you should not just keep on telling it to yourself, but you need to work on it seriously and whole heartedly. Start being healthy through the foods … Continue reading

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3 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Aging Loved Ones Happy

Seniors usually spend most of their time at home due to their old age. As they have gotten older their bodies may have become weaker or they may have developed illnesses that prevent them from leaving their homes for too long. While at home they may feel isolated and far from their family and friends … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Having a Caregiver

Taking care of your loved ones can be rewarding but also very tiring. As they get older they begin to need constant supervision and assistance in their daily lives. While the norm would be for families to take care of their elderly loved ones that is not always the case. Some family members may have … Continue reading

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People have surely experienced the sweet and spice of life. More so with seniors who are already in this bittersweet transition, they can do the following to overcome life challenges. It is never too late to get fit. People should have started doing exercise since their youthful days. But it is never too late, beat … Continue reading

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Seniors have been with their family through thick and thin. Albeit their hair turns gray and muscles get weak, they still give their utmost love to others. So, it is important to return the favor especially now that they need you the most. Cook them good food.Through the decades, seniors wake up early in the … Continue reading

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4 Caring Tips for Seniors with Disabilities

A sad reality is not all seniors are fortunate enough to have someone in their family who can provide the optimum care and assistance they need. Generally, families with a disabled senior parent seek the services of home care agencies like us at ExPO Signature Home Care, a leading In-Home Care in New Jersey, in … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Accidents at Home for Seniors

Seniors are just like children. They need adequate care and attention. Hence, leaving them alone at home or in any other place is never a great idea. If you have a senior at home, but you’re too busy to provide enough care and attention he needs, it will be best to seek the services of … Continue reading

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