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How Can In-Home Care Services Reduce Stress

Stress is something that many of us are familiar with. However, for senior citizens, this can be a serious problem. It can be easy to become overwhelmed with stress when dealing with problems that you no longer have the ability to do. For many elderly individuals, the smallest things can be the biggest sources of … Continue reading

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Reducing Stress in Your Golden Years

If you are looking for ways to reduce the stress you are feeling in your golden years, there are a number of aspects you will want to consider. It is not a difficult thing to live a more stress-free life, but you will need to make some lifestyle changes. ExPO Signature Home Care is an … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Exercise for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens can really benefit from routine exercise. With physical activity on a daily basis, you can maintain your health and independence, so you can continue living life to the fullest at an advanced age. If you do not want to be living most of your days in bed and you still want to seize … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Deal with a Difficult Baby Boomer

Not all of us have the friendliest grandparents. Even if there are no things that should trigger their temper, some of them just constantly exude that sour and intimidating disposition. Some may even quarrel you for no apparent reason. If you have elderly relatives like these, they certainly fall under the category of difficult persons. … Continue reading

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Breaking the Ice: 7 Smart Tips to Get Closer with Senior Citizens

Do you find your grandparents or elderly parents not relatable? This feeling of disconnection must have been brought by the difference of age between you. At a younger age, they were defined by a different set of trends, rules, and biases. Seeing the changes happen before their eyes probably triggered weariness or confusion. Despite the … Continue reading

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The Perks of Home Care for Senior Citizens

One of the best things about home care for senior citizens is the amount of convenient and personalized care services you can enjoy. By having a caregiver in your home, you are able to focus less on the things that provide you stress and worry more about the things you actually love. ExPO Signature Home … Continue reading

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Benefits of Art and Art Therapy for Seniors

Creating art is one of the oldest hobbies known to mankind, but can art really be therapeutic, too? Art therapy is a branch of the mental health industry that uses a person’s creativity as a tool for expression and healing, via art. Elderly people can benefit from participating in art therapy sessions, and more and … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Diabetes Under Control

The older you become, the more your diabetes affects you. Fortunately, there is a multitude of different methods you can use to ensure that you can keep your diabetes in check, so you can continue living a full and exciting life as you enter into your golden years. These methods require only simple lifestyle changes, but they can … Continue reading

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What Issues Could Cause Memory Loss for Your Aging Adult?

While your elderly family member might jump straight to some scary ailments when she first starts experiencing memory troubles, it’s entirely possible that the cause is something completely different. Some of these issues are completely fixable if you can figure out what is ailing your senior and put a solution in place. Vitamin Deficiencies. One … Continue reading

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How To Be More Compassionate When Taking Care Of Your Loved One

Compassion in how you deliver care services is what sets you apart from the rest. You will leave a lasting impression on clients who are entrusted to you if you add tender loving care to the way you provide caregiving services. The caring attitude that you show to them is what will define your fitness … Continue reading

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