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RN Assessment and Supervision

Elderly Assistance in Manalapan, New Jersey

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At ExPO Signature Home Care, a Home Health Care Agency in New Jersey, we strive for excellence when providing an initial assessment and professional individualized care plan by a registered nurse. In addition, the RN continually monitors the patient care through periodic visits and ongoing communication with the caregiver and the client.

During old age, it can be hard to maintain safety at home . At times, we may require the care of a family member who supervises our activities daily. Seniors, who live at home alone, are at risk of falling down or not taking their medication as prescribed by their physician.

Sometimes, the senior may not be aware of certain hazards at home and will need the guidance of an able family member. The simple task of going to the bathroom might be quite a challenge during old age. The senior could slip on slippery floors or trip over rugs.

To address these risk factors, a caregiver from ExPO Signature Home Care may be assigned to your aging loved one’s case. The caregiver will supervise the activities of the senior and will provide assistance where necessary.

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