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Testimonials & Referrals

Home Care Testimonials and Referrals in Middlesex County, New Jersey

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  1. Karen L

    It has been a really good experience with Expo Signature. I have no trouble working with them. The Executive Director really listened to everything I had to say. She gave me encouragement that whether I would work with them or not, I need to do something different for my mother. The person that has been taking care of my family for the past two years is very caring. My mother just passed, but it’s been quite a relief to know that she was well taken care of. They’re still helping my sister, so we’re continuing their service.

  2. Bobbi B

    We only used ExPO Signature for a couple of months because my mom was very ill and she had to go to a nursing home. I think the caregivers did the best that they could under the circumstances. My mom has dementia. I just think that home care agencies in general don’t fully understand yet as to how difficult it is to treat somebody with dementia. It’s a very tough field I say. The aide that we had was lovely. She did the best that she could.

  3. Elizabeth S

    We were so pleased when we met the Director because she follow through on everything she said she would follow through. We needed a person immediately and she found somebody within a couple of hours. She said that it would be a temporary person and that by the next day she’d have a full time person and indeed she provided us with a full time person. She kept calling to make sure everything was good. She always followed up with us and I was really very happy. She’s a very wonderful person who understood the clients and the caregivers.

    We had this one young aide maybe in her late twenties. She tried and initiated things with us. She’s a very sweet girl who was patient.

  4. Peter R

    We initially liked what the Director had to say and decided to give her a try. We were fortunate because we had several people who took care of mom. If we had difficulties, I would call up the Director and things get resolved right away. My family and I are very happy with the care that mom received from the aides. I know that mom really enjoyed their company. Unfortunately mom required more care and she’s now living in an assisted living facility. We thank the Director and her team in helping us out. It was a good experience.

  5. Brad D

    We were offered a number of different agencies through one of the assisted living facilities we were contacting and that’s where we found ExPO Signature. From my experience with them, they go above and beyond with their care. They’re exemplary; they were compassionate, sensitive, caring and honest.

    My parents and I love the caregiver. She’s thorough, caring, careful and understanding. She has everything we would want in a caregiver. We also have one substitute and she’s also wonderful with my parents.

    The Director is professional. They made their system easy to follow and understand. She’s easy to get along right from the start. She didn’t over sell or put too much pressure on us. She really formed a quick and fast attachment to my parents. She really tried hard to understand their needs and she did a great job. She cares!

  6. Nuzio A

    A friend of mine is a nursing life care person and she recommended ExPO Signature to us. Right from the day one, the Director was extremely cooperative and caring. She went out of her way to make sure we had the right person for my father. She was always calling me and asking how he was doing. She had an angel who took care of my father for less than a month before he passed away.

    The caregiver was so good. She was unbelievable. She was so caring and her attitude was so nice. She did everything for my father. She was so patient.

    I would highly recommend ExPO Signature. I can’t imagine any other provider better than the Director’s group. They are unbelievable people. I can’t emphasize enough as to how great they were.

  7. Patricia P

    I had an emergency and the Director was able to provide someone for me very quickly. I needed someone almost immediately at that time. She provided a good and competent person within that short period of time. I used their company for about 3 or 4 days. My mother has Alzheimers and the caregiver was able to come in and provide her meals and other things she needed. I was very pleased with their service.

  8. dmbabbitt

    The Director and the aides are terrific, although I had to adjust my work schedule for the aide, I still can’t praise them enough. I would gladly use them again.

  9. Raymond P

    The Director is very efficient.. She makes sure that there’s always coverage. She checks in to make sure that the aide for my mom is doing the job right. The girls I’ve been sent so far are very good. One is full time and when she is not available, the Director sends another one. I’m very pleased with both of them. They do their job 100%. They do cleaning to a certain degree. They cook too. My caregiver has a car and she does the shopping and helps pick up stuff. When she goes shopping, the Director wants someone there to cover for her and watch mom while she goes shopping. We have ExPO Signature since September last year. It’s long enough to know that they have a good service. I’m absolutely happy with them. I’m the only child and they take a lot of burden off me.

  10. Lea I

    The Director was wonderful.. She provided us with a wonderful nurse who was very, very good with my grandmother. She took great care of her and probably allowed her to survive for a few more months than she would have. She was very knowledgeable, very well-educated, very helpful, and she knew what grandma should and should not be eating. She knew how to properly handle her, get her in and out of bed, and give her a bath. She’s knowledgeable about home care and proper medication to take. Everything was extreme care. She knew her boundaries too, and we never had to worry about that.

  11. Anthony T

    I knew nothing about ExPO Signature Home Care. I needed someone for my father because we were moving to a new area and it was a very difficult time for us. My father was in my home while we were moving in and while some work was being done. So it was a pretty hectic time for everyone. The reviews about ExPO Signature were great, so I called them. When I spoke to the Director and her team, that made me decide to go with them.
    The caregivers were fantastic, and they took away every single concern I had about dad while we were able to get everything we need to get down on the move. I’ve dealt with other caregivers in the past. You can have really good ones and then you can have bad ones. But the caregivers the Director brought to me was great. My dad moved back to New York. However, when dad would come and visit us in New Jersey and it’s an extended stay, I used them.

  12. Pam S. NJ

    Since finding ExPO Signature Home Care, I have got my life back and I am able to spend time with my children again. My Dad’s caregiver is excellent. My Dad loves him and considers him a part of the family. It’s so nice to see my Dad happy.

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