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Helping Senior Adults Remember and Keep their Memory

helping senior adults remember and keep their memory

A little bit of memory loss is an inevitable part of the aging process. However, there’s a difference between common age-related forgetfulness and symptoms indicating a developing cognitive problem. As you may know, the brain is capable of producing new brain cells even as you age, but as you get older, there are physiological changes in your mind that may cause hitches in your brain function. Our home health care agency in New Jersey, Expo Signature Home Care, understands the difference between normal age-related memory loss and memory loss due to cognitive impairment and we have personalized in-home care services to help you cope with different cases of memory loss.

Just because you are having a little bit of trouble remembering, it doesn’t mean you won’t have the capacity to live at home. You won’t lose any of the following;

  • Your ability to do you activities of daily living.
  • Your common sense.
  • Your ability to reason, argue and judge.
  • Memories from your life.
  • Knowledge and wisdom acquired through the years.

Occasional lapses in memory are a normal part of the aging process and not a warning sign of serious mental deterioration. These occasional lapses do not affect your day-to-day activities and do not hinder you from being functional and useful. Some of these memory lapses include;

  • Forgetting where you left or put something.
  • Forgetting or mixing up names.
  • Walking into a room and forgetting what you went in there for.
  • Forgetting meetings or appointments.

There are ways to lessen memory loss by keeping the brain stimulated. These methods will allow you to keep your brain healthy to maintain your memory and mental skills. Here are some tips for how to keep the brain active:

  • Maintain social interaction.
  • Exercise regularly
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Don’t drink alcoholic beverages.
  • Avoid or learn to manage stress.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Maintain a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Play strategy and brain games.
  • Do word or number puzzles such as crosswords or Sudoku.
  • Keep reading.
  • Continue your hobbies.
  • Try learning a new hobby or craft.
  • Walk around.
  • Try learning new information from news or the internet.

It is important to keep your mind active and stimulated. You have the capacity to retain full use of your memory and not lose it. Staying at home is a good way to help keep your mind functional and alert. Expo Signature home health care agency in New Jersey gives you the freedom and capacity to age gracefully and place so you can continue doing what you enjoy without having to worry about your health and safety.

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