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Illnesses You Should Look Out for During the Winter Season

Illnesses You Should Look Out for During the Winter Season

The month of December means the beginning of the winter in many states and with it comes cold and snow. If you are living with and taking care of any elderly loved ones, there might be a need for you to prepare your home. During the winter season, the risk for slips and falls increases, making it dangerous for your loved ones to move around the house. A health care service in New Jersey can help watch over your loved ones and lower the risk of slips and falls even more.

But the things to truly watch out for during the winter season are the common illnesses in the cold weather. These are the sicknesses you should watch for:

  • Common Cold
    This viral infection is the most infectious disease known to man. A good way to prevent it is by washing your hands often and properly. Although people commonly recover in a week.
  • Pneumonia
    Another viral infection, pneumonia is common and fatal in the elderly community. A vaccination is an effective way of keeping it away from you and your loved ones.
  • Norovirus
    Better known as the winter vomiting, the norovirus is a very infectious stomach bug. Although it can strike all year round, it is extremely prevailing during the winter season. Getting help from an in home care in New Jersey can help you or your loved one recover from this illness.

To ensure that you and your loved ones avoid any of these ailments, it is necessary to prepare for the upcoming colder weather. But if you or your loved one happen to get ill, we at ExPO Signature Home Care are ready to help. We are a home care provider in Manalapan, New Jersey that provides various services to assist individuals who are in need of care.

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