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Nail Care for Seniors: Should Your Elderly Keep Their Nails Long?

Nail Care for Seniors: Should Your Elderly Keep Their Nails Long?

When it comes to keeping a good hygiene, you should make sure that you include all areas of your body, even the smallest parts. This includes your fingernails and toenails. “Is it okay to keep your nails long?” It really depends. The decision boils down to personal preference. However, short nails may be better for seniors.

ExPO Signature Home Care is a provider of In-Home Care in New Jersey. Here are the reasons why your elderly loved one should keep their nails short:

  • REASON #1: Long nails can cut their skin.

    Your elder can accidentally hurt themselves with their nails. A good example of this is when they scratch their skin. No matter how careful they are, their nails might still pierce through their skin.

  • REASON #2: Long nails makes them more susceptible to injury.

    Having long nails can increase their likelihood of injuring themselves. Even as zipping their pants can pose a serious threat. Their long nails can get caught up in their zipper.

  • REASON #3: Long nails can lead to ingrown toenails.

    Ingrown toenails can bring tortuous pain to your senior. This is coupled with the fact that it is the big toe that is typically more prone to this condition. One of the causes of having an ingrown toenail is not cutting the toenails regularly. This causes the toenails to curve sharply on the sides and dig into the skin.

  • REASON #4: Long nails can weaken their body’s defenses.

    We get in contact with different kinds of bacteria during the course of the day. The bacteria can stick to the nails and accumulate to the different parts of the body. This can lower your elder’s body’s defenses against bacterial infection.

  • REASON #5: Long nails can cause fungal infection.

    Fungal infection is akin to athlete’s foot. The only difference is that fungal infection does not attack the skin, but rather it invades the nails. Since fungi usually reside in warm and dark places, fungal infection usually occurs in the toenails. Having long nails can contribute to the formation of said fungi.

  • REASON #6: Long nails can result in food poisoning.

    As we mentioned earlier, we encounter different kinds of bacteria every day. The bacteria can be glued to your senior’s long nails. And no matter how particular they may be in washing their hands, they may still not be able to entirely get rid of the bacteria in their nails. This can lead to far-reaching consequences. For example, the bacteria can get into the food of your elderly. As a result, they may be hospitalized for food poisoning or stomach flu.

Sadly, many elders are not capable of trimming their nails without doing harm to themselves. This may be due to various reasons, such as blurry vision, uncontrollable shaking of hands, and difficulty of bending. Do not leave their personal hygiene unattended. Get someone who can help your senior loved one. ExPO Signature Home Care can help! You can pick from our wide range of services the one that is more suited to your elder’s needs.

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