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Stimulating Activities for the Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease


If you think that dementia is just a problem that exists in the head, you better think again. People with dementia have so many challenges dealing with the disorder that they tend to withdraw from people, including their families and friends, and even their favorite activities.

Alzheimer’s disease impacts a person’s:

  • Behavior
  • Memory
  • Thought

Not only is that something no one is looking forward to but it is also a fact that Alzheimer’s disease worsens as time passes. There will be a time when the senior with the disease will be incapable of speaking, or even interacting with his or her surroundings.

Even though the disease sounds like bad news, you can still help people who are suffering and let them live to the best that they can. At ExPO Signature Home Care, a home health care agency in New Jersey, we give patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia a chance to have a better quality of life by means of stimulating activities that are pleasurable and suitable to them.

Some of the activities we encourage our seniors with dementia at our home health care agency in New Jersey are:

  • Recalling memories
  • Facilitating and helping with social interactions
  • Encouraging expression of one’s self
  • Helping reduce the discomfort the disease may bring to the patient
  • Making our Alzheimer’s patients engage in activities that will help them keep up with life at their own pace

There is no activity that is suitable for all people living with the disease. Keep in mind that the activities one should let their senior engage in are those that the person finds interesting. It is best to consider a hobby they loved to do in the past. Be sure you modify these hobbies for the patient’s safety or for the sake of practicality.

Always remember that people with the disease can have a change of heart about their preferred hobby so you need to be patient when letting them do these activities in order to avoid making them feel overwhelmed or frustrated in the long run.

10 Activities You Should Try With The Elderly:

ExPO Signature Home Care has listed 10 activities that you can do with your loved one and these activities may vary according to the time of the day. Also, you need to expect that the level of interest or involvement of your loved one may change in response to the progressing disease.

  • Signing songs or playing musical instruments.
  • Making simple-patterned arts and craft
  • Organizing the house
  • Cleaning around the house together
  • Doing gardening
  • Reading the daily paper
  • Cooking or baking
  • Reading interesting books
  • Doing puzzles
  • Watching family videos

Do not force the activities you are planning for the day on to your elderly. If your loved one does not like it, then you should give it a rest.

Also, remember to visit health professionals or let them visit you. Such service is available in our home health care agency in New Jersey. If you want to know more about our services, visit our website at

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