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Make your Heart Stronger through these Foods

Can you observe these in your elderly loved one? Nausea or Loss of Appetite High Heart Rate Chronic wheezing or coughing Shortness of Breath Impaired Thinking or Confusion Fatigue If you can, then you should visit a physician as soon as possible because these are common indications of heart failure among the elderly. Many senior … Continue reading

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Care Providers Are Essential For Alzheimers and Dementia Patients, And Here’s Why

Having a loved one fall victim to Alzheimer’s and dementia can be disheartening. The challenges brought about by these diseases in terms of coping and caregiving are not hidden to families who have been affected and to caregivers who have personally witnessed the trials that patients and family members had to face. This is the … Continue reading

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Myth vs. Facts about Aging

Aging is something scary but one we must all face eventually. Ladies do not want all those physical changes like the white hair and wrinkles while our gents prefer to retain their masculinity throughout time. But we all know nothing is permanent here in this world and even Helen of Troy will become wrinkly with … Continue reading

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