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10 Fun Things to Do with Seniors

If you think senior years are boring, you might’ve skipped doing these fun and exciting activities: Eat out. Tired of eating at home? Enjoy a refreshing way of eating your salad or dessert by going to your favorite pub. Share this meal with your favorite senior and relish on the delicacy that’s in front of … Continue reading

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12 Life Hacks for Your Golden Years

Whether you’ve reached your golden years or not, read on to these pieces of advice that’ll remind you to live life to its fullest: Stay healthy. Aging makes it easier to get sick and even harder to stay healthy. Keep an eye on your overall health and visit your physicians regularly. Eat a healthy diet, … Continue reading

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5 Smart Tips on How You Can Prevent Heart Disease

Being one of the major causes of death and disability in the United States, heart disease should not be taken lightly. How can you stay safe? Improve your lifestyle Get enough sleep A good night’s rest is essential to keep your body in shape. Adults require at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep per … Continue reading

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A Short Guide to Understanding Dementia

Did you know that dementia can also affect adults below 60? It is rare, but not impossible. This condition interferes with daily tasks and poses challenges to one’s safety. Dementia is an illness more commonly found in the elderly. As the age of an individual increases, so does the likelihood for this sickness. What Is … Continue reading

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The Perks of Home Care for Senior Citizens

One of the best things about home care for senior citizens is the amount of convenient and personalized care services you can enjoy. By having a caregiver in your home, you are able to focus less on the things that provide you stress and worry more about the things you actually love. ExPO Signature Home … Continue reading

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Get Rid of Constipation Today

Constipation is a condition wherein an individual’s bowel movements happen less often than normal and when the feces are hard which makes it harder to poop. Although constipation is a common digestive issue and is not even a serious one, it could still affect the holistic function of one’s body. Although not everyone who experiences … Continue reading

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Breaking the Awkwardness when Caregiving

Whether it’s you, another family member, or a professional caregiver who is in-charge of taking care of an elderly loved one at home, there may be awkward situations that one has to deal with. There are many ways for you to break the awkward barrier between you and the senior citizen you are taking care … Continue reading

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