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Nail Care for Seniors: Should Your Elderly Keep Their Nails Long?

When it comes to keeping a good hygiene, you should make sure that you include all areas of your body, even the smallest parts. This includes your fingernails and toenails. “Is it okay to keep your nails long?” It really depends. The decision boils down to personal preference. However, short nails may be better for … Continue reading

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Caregiver Stories: What to Do with an Elderly Who Is Outraging?

As a caregiver, there will come a point in your career when you will encounter a grumpy elderly patient. With it, you will get to experience and truly understand how challenging it is to pacify such patient. Given that, we provided a few simple tips, especially for rookie caregivers who are currently struggling to manage … Continue reading

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10 Fun Things to Do with Seniors

If you think senior years are boring, you might’ve skipped doing these fun and exciting activities: Eat out. Tired of eating at home? Enjoy a refreshing way of eating your salad or dessert by going to your favorite pub. Share this meal with your favorite senior and relish on the delicacy that’s in front of … Continue reading

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How to Deal with Your Elderly Loved Ones’ Anger Issues

Aging causes different changes in a person. One of the major aspects that greatly change is our attitude. Families and caregivers with elders at home can notice why grandpa has been so grumpy or why grandma easily get irritable after a minute of happiness. ExPO Signature Home Care, a trusted source of in-home care in … Continue reading

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Understanding Balance Control Problems in the Elderly

Have you noticed uncommon bruises and wounds in your elders’ body? Or if you are an elder reading, are you still arguing with yourself that the fall you encountered yesterday afternoon was just you being sleepy or exhausted? Balance control problems are one of the most common reasons why older people get help from a … Continue reading

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Myth vs. Facts about Aging

Aging is something scary but one we must all face eventually. Ladies do not want all those physical changes like the white hair and wrinkles while our gents prefer to retain their masculinity throughout time. But we all know nothing is permanent here in this world and even Helen of Troy will become wrinkly with … Continue reading

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