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The Difference Between Being Sore and Being in Pain

The Difference Between Being Sore and Being in Pain

As you may already know, a regular exercise routine has many health benefits. But it’s very common for physical discomfort to come after these activities due to the stress it gives to the body. If you are experiencing any type of discomfort, it is important to know the difference between exercise-related soreness and pain.

That is why ExPO Signature Home Care (your primary home care provider in Manalapan, New Jersey) has put together this guide to help you know the differences:

  • Duration

    After an exercise or strenuous activity, soreness in the muscle would usually peak in 24-72 hours after the activity was done. During this time, your muscles may feel tender and feel stiff. It will feel uncomfortable when you start, but it eases up after moving and gently stretching.

    In contrast to this feeling, you get pain during or after the exercise routine. The pain may feel sharp and may not go away even after a period of rest.

    This could be an indicator of an injury. If you’ve been injured and are recovering, receiving help from a health care service in New Jersey is ideal.

  • Intensity

    As it is stated above, the pain that comes with soreness is mild and makes you feel stiff. If you feel intense pain during or after your workout, you should contact a medical professional immediately to know whether or not you’ve been injured.

    Being injured doesn’t mean that your routine is ruined for good. A physical therapist can create a rehabilitation plan that will help you continue exercising while you recover from your injury. Having a caregiver from a provider of in home care in New Jersey can make your exercise routine much easier.

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