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Tips for Seniors and their Families During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?  Spending time with family and friends, delicious holiday meals, rich, decadent desserts and everything that goes along with the holiday season can be exciting, while also being stressful and exhausting for anyone, including our senior population.  Here are some tips for everyone to be able to get the most out of the holidays without the holidays getting the most out of us and the people we love.

Rest up after traveling.  Keep in mind that older relatives may need a nap or just a relaxing hour or two after a long trip.

Decrease gift giving.  Many seniors are on a fixed income, and that may cause some stress when deciding how much can be spent for gifts. Consider drawing names, especially if you are a part of a large family.

Don’t stop exercising.  In a majority of the country, snow and cold weather play a part in our holidays.  If the sidewalks are dry, invite your seniors out for a walk, or drive over to the indoor mall and walk and window shop in comfort.

Stay hydrated.  Senior citizens, especially, need to drink plenty of fluids.  To make it easier to stay hydrated, have water easily accessible while out and about, keeping a bottle in your purse or in the car.

Follow dietary restrictions.  Many seniors are on low sodium diets, and with all the food this time of year, it is easy to disregard, or be unaware of the restrictions some seniors have.  Keep healthy options like fresh cut veggies and fruit available.

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